Corporate & Governance

Corporate & Governance

We understand that working within the corporate and governance sectors brings unique conflict challenges. You are having to negotiate, problems-solve, crisis respond and make complex decisions in high pressure environments.

Our Corporate and Governance packages are perfect for those who are:
  • Uncertain how to respond to stakeholder concerns and strategic realities
  • Experiencing personality clashes, lack of trust or personal attacks
  • Getting bogged down in compliance and operational issues
  • Struggling with effective governance functionality
  • Dealing with culture conflict and competing interests that are causing reputational damage

We work with you to achieve long term conflict change through specific intervention options including:


Designed for teams who have experienced conflict or are going through change


One to One Executive Mentoring & Development which aims to refine your decision-making during times of conflict, confusion, chaos and change.


Designed for Boards & Multiparty Decision Making to help empower effective governance functionality.

Sarah attended our National Management Conference and her delivery was professional, incredibly interesting, easy to follow but most of all hugely beneficial.

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