Our training is an investment in the skills and knowledge that will allow you to effectively respond to conflict and the problems that emerge between people, systems and change.

This is what we hear:

  • We need to know about mediation but don’t want to be mediators
  • We want to learn how to deal with conflict better
  • Lots of little conflicts and personality clashes are stopping us moving forward
  • I just don’t feel confident in having the hard conversations with our stakeholders
  • Disputes within the workplace are causing problems in performance, attendance and our moral – we’re not sure how to respond.

These problems cost – they cost you time, they cost you financially, they can damage your reputation and key working relationships and can add to productivity costs. That is all before you call in expert help to resolve the issues.

We know real solutions require work so we strive to ensure that you and your team have the confidence to apply your knowledge back where it matters.

Our bespoke training provides both skills and knowledge to help you get the outcomes your need:

  • Talking Brave: how to have difficult conversations
  • Mediation Training (National Mediation Standard)
  • Responding to Conflict: an introduction to dispute resolution
  • Multi-party Decision-Making
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict: how to maximise better outcomes

Research shows that disputes are costing us $870 billion globally for commercial claims through litigation.

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