Conflict Leadership Development

Step out from the crowd and become a leader resilient and courageous enough to embrace the unknown!

Our leadership development is not your regular leadership program. We know that leadership can be hard, especially when you are dealing with culture change, conflict or personality problems. We offer exclusive, confidential and professional spaces for you to have the hard conversations about conflict.

Our leadership programs include:

  • One to One Mentoring and Supervision
  • Conflict Advisory Service
  • Multi-party Decision-making
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We want to create a world where leaders are willing to lean into conflict, to talk brave and work hard for peaceful outcomes.

We support this through our exclusive retreat program

We are particularly passionate about supporting women in peace-making and community leadership. We want to help women become empowered to sue their voice for real peace.

We also host exclusive Collaborative Forums which provide an opportunity for intensive, confidential and advanced skill development.

  • Perfect for those who are:Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of complex decision-making and high-risk challenges
  • Part of a Board or Executive team that is struggle to navigate conflict challenges
  • Rendered ill at the thought of conflict and hard conversations
  • Managing a complex project and looking for a confidential conflict advisor to support your decision-making

If you are looking for a group support and development space that focused entirely on the collective conflict challenges then join our conversation.

We can help you navigate cross-border and cross-cultural decision-making for sustainable solutions.

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