Conflict Strategist - Sarah M Blake

Sarah M Blake

Conflict Strategist

Transforming your conflict challenges into opportunities for innovation, change & resolution.

We are not your usual dispute resolution service.
We are turning the industry on its head and offering a service that
understands real life, helping you navigate conflict resolution with confidence.

The hidden costs of conflict

In a global, technological advancing
world, people problems continue to
create barriers to successful commercial
and community outcomes. These
problems become conflict and when
people are in conflict, it is really hard to
make good decisions.

Ms Sarah Blake, has demonstrated her capacity to provide effective dispute resolution services in a
cross-cultural environment – which is extraordinarily difficult. She has shown exemplary skills and
demonstrated the personal qualities required to bring people from different cultures along with
her in the march towards harmony and resolution

Wayne Martin AC
Hon. Chief Justice

Corporate, Governance & Culture Conflict

We provide comprehensive professional services to help leaders harness the positive potential of conflict through training, conflict intervention & leadership.

Looking for someone to share real, gritty & inspiring stories of conflict, culture & change?

Sarah is available for speaking events.

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Sarah Blake

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