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Helping turn your culture, contract, people or process problems into opportunities and solutions.

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Standard dispute resolution practices just aren’t meeting real world problems.

Are you dealing with some of these complex challenges?

  • Negotiation with external stakeholders
  • Resolving a dispute or managing a conflict crisis
  • People problems which are impacting project bottom lines
  • Ineffective board or multi-party decision-making
  • Managing cross-border or cultural negotiations or conflict

Conflict, if planned for and managed well can facilitate ground breaking change. Better outcomes are more than a good process, skills and tools; they sometimes require a shift in the way you think about conflict.

Ready to step out from the crowd and become a leader who is resilient, courageous and real?

Sarah M Blake
Conflict Strategist

Sarah M Blake

conflict strategist - educator - speaker

Multi Award-winning Mediator – Regional Business Awards 2018, Winner of Resolution Institutes Michael Klug Award 2018 and Young Mediator of the Year Award, Australian Disputes Centre 2016

With more than 20 years’ practice experience, Sarah understands the complexities of conflict and recognizes the high cost impact on business, community and individuals when resolution isn’t achieved.

Pioneering a strategic, comprehensive model for conflict management, Sarah’s expertise in the field of multi-party mediation and cross-cultural decision-making allows her to customize services that bridge cultural, commercial and legal divides.

Her realistic approach to the challenges of working in the cross-cultural space have resulted in her training gaining international recognition in the Pacific and Europe.

Her work with Executive teams and Boards have resulted in cultural and systemic change and she continues to provide comprehensive conflict advice to state and federal government.

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We understand how overwhelming it can be for leaders and decision-makers who are juggling competing interests, external pressures and uncertainty in an increasingly complex modern world.

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Ready to step out from the crowd and become a leader who is resilient, courageous and real?

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