Conflict Intervention

When ‘shit’ hits the fan, be it legal, contractual, reputational, procedural or any other conflict, you want someone that can provide you with a clear way forward.

When conflict occurs, you want a professional who knows how to achieve timely, cost effective and long-lasting results. As Conflict Strategists, we think beyond standard positions to provide you with a service that is multi-disciplinary, comprehensive and solution focused. We have the hard conversations, the gritty conversations so that you can be confident in real outcomes.

Conflict Interventions may include:

  • Mediation & Expert Advice
  • Strategic Negotiation Facilitation and Advisory
  • Facilitation
  • Conflict Management and Response Plans
  • Conflict Risk Assessment and Audits

We commence all our cases with a comprehensive Conflict Assessment. This helps us provide you the right recommendation and service proposal. We want to place you needs front and centre of our service delivery.

If a conflict or crisis has emerged or if you are ready to seek solutions, our Conflict Interventions services are ready to help navigate a way forward.

sive corporate packages which you may want to learn more about.

We live in a world where personal reputation and relationships are key. The high calibre leaders of today need comprehensive conflict resolution as part of their everyday toolkit.

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